Sustainability InnoCenter has proudly become a partner to The Baltic Impact Accelerator project

Work on project “Baltic Impact Accelerator” implementation has started
Picture from kick of Meeting in Riga. (Latvia) – July 2023

For several months Sustainability InnoCenter
with its leading partners as Green Tech Cluster Latvia, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Latvia), CleanTech Estonia, and Lappeenranta–Lahti University of Technology LUT (Finland) have started the process on the implementation of the “Baltic Impact Accelerator” project. This month we met with all the partners in the first face-to-face meeting to discuss the development of the accelerator methodology and the opening of the first cycle.

The “Triple Bottom Line Baltic Impact Accelerator” (Baltic Impact Accelerator) tackles the challenges of new growth companies in the CB region by utilizing the Triple Bottom Line (3BL) methodology that enables more growth (Profit) with specific consideration towards environment (Planet) and society (People). As a result, the scaling-up of companies is tackled in three levels: Profit, Planet, People.

Within the three acceleration cohorts a total of ❗96 scale-up companies will be supported (32 per cohort) and out of these 96 companies, 48 will scale up. The project provides unique acceleration for scale-up companies both from the 3BL methodology perspective, as well as the regional set-up: scale-up companies are specifically scaled in another CB country in order to help the companies to establish a better presence outside their home market.

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Implemented within Interreg Central Baltic Programme Project “Triple Bottom Line Baltic Impact Accelerator” ID. CB0100053. The European Union is not responsible for the content of this material.

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