Green Investment Day

GID (Green Investment Day) is a day for entrepreneurs, investors and other actors within cleantech with the aim to establish new contacts and create business opportunities. During the day startups and entrepreneurs get a chance to pitch for investors. The day also offers an opportunity for startups to show their products in the exhibition area and for investors to meet the teams behind the ideas during the mingles. Last year , Creen Investment Day was brought together with the ‘CleanTech for Sustainable cities” venue, and the result was very encouraging as reached a broader group of participants. – the aim is to work on the same format for 2019 as well.

The purpose of GID is to:

– introduce sustainability technologies, bring innovators, academics, environmental & sustainability enthusiasts, public organisations, open minded corporations and sustainable cities under the same roof.

– Give the chance to international innovates showcase their solutions

– Allow talented and innovative entrepreneurs to discover new professional opportunities and synergies.

– Act as a platform where collective forces, co-creation, passion for sustainability and inclusion come together

– Showcase some of the highly scored entries of CleanTech Challenge completion.

– Act as a platform for exposure of the city in Sweden and abroad.


Together with Uppsala municipality, Uppsala County (Region Uppsala) , the University, and other local actors we steadily build GID (together with CleanTech for Sustainable Cities) as a reference point/ a trademark of sustainability innovations for Uppsala and Sweden.