CleanTech for Sustainable Cities – Conference

For the first time in history, the majority of people on earth lives in cities. 

The rapid population growth in urban areas comes with an enormous need for development of more innovative, sustainable, and smart solutions.
Therefore a larger market for new innovations and technologies, which can make our cities more sustainable, cleaner, healthier and safer is required. Such sustainability innovations and clean technologies can make sure that Sweden stands at the forefront of the development and provide new ground for better, healthier, safer and more convenient living in urban areas.

The ‘‘CleanTech for Sustainable cities – Innovating a Greener growth” is an event first of its kind in the region that introduces such technologies and brings innovators, academics, environmental & sustainability enthusiasts, public organisations, open minded corporations and sustainable cities together.

The aim of the event is to:

– Create opportunities to match green /sustainability innovations with new users, academics, investors , costumers, and cities

– Let the creators of new innovative international solutions showcase these solutions.
– Allow talented and innovative entrepreneurs to discover new professional opportunities and synergies.
– Act as a platform where collective forces, co-creation, passion for sustainability and inclusion come togetherAt the event we will showcase some of the highest scored entries of CleanTech Challenge innovation competition 2017, ”CleanTech for sustainable cities”.

The event will also feature some renowned speakers from academia, private and public organisations, start-ups, innovation centres that specialise in sustainability , entrepreneurship and innovation. After the event there will be mingling with enough time for networking over a few drinks.

We encourage people of all nationalities, genders, cultures and beliefs to come together and create new ground, investigate new clean and sustainable innovations and markets, inspire and be inspired and make way for the solutions of tomorrow.

If your company/organisation is interested in learning more about sustainability, interested in finding new sustainable solutions that they can apply, make contacts within the sustainability sector (which can lead to potential future collaborations) or interested in the future of urban development then this event may be interesting for you.