CleanTech Challenge

CleanTech Challenge is a competition for students, academic teams, young entrepreneurs and start ups; the competition is a platform where eco friendly, creative and innovative solutions are formed and evaluated for commercialization. The project runs every year and lasts 8 months every year approximately. The project is finalized with a big conference showcasing all innovations crowd-sourced over the year.

The CleanTech Challenge (CTC) is a platform that uses the competition format as a way to generate and crowd source innovation to challenges, encouraging solutions towards sustainable development.

The CleanTech Challenge competition has proven to be a successful way create new ground and come up with innovative solutions to challenges facing a region and solutions towards its environmental & sustainability goals. We believe that such solutions can come by products, processes or services that reduce waste and require as few non-renewable resources as possible.

The overall aims of a CTC Competition are to:

  • Bring to the forefront innovative Clean Technology & ICT ideas, products and services related to sustainable development.
  • Create the conditions for the development and implementation of innovative solutions;
  • Draw attention to the potential of environmental technology required for a carbon-free society;
  • Bring innovative solutions to the region, assist regional environmental goals, establish synergies and register new companies.
  • Bring academia, industry and public sector under the same sustainability umbrella.

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