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What we do

Sustainability InnoCenter (SIC) , is a community platform for professionals, academics and idealists which its members and partners work on various projects of United Nations sustainability agenda

Sustainable development

We’re living in an era of great change. Continued pressure on the environment and passionate debate about our future has led to a broader sustainability awareness. Now is the time...

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Open innovation

We believe in a hacker approach to sustainability: just get out there and hack into it! Sustainability Hackathon is a series of events designed to bring IT innovators together to...

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Project management

Our project management services cover the whole project, from inception to completion. We treat each project as unique and we maintain momentum, which we see as two of the keys...

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Our team brings international experience across sectors from energy and transport to agriculture and consumer goods and business functions from strategy and risk to operations as well as digital technology....

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Technical reporting

Technical reports are today a major source of scientific and technical information. They are prepared for internal use or wider distribution for our partners, most of which lack the extensive...

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SIC works with full-service event management that pairs together our passion for sustainability and innovation. We bring a fresh, unique approach to the event management industry SIC approaches every project...

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About Sustainability InnoCenter

Sustainability InnoCenter (SIC) is a non-profit organization situated in Uppsala, Sweden. SIC serves as a vibrant community hub for aspiring entrepreneurs, skilled professionals, forward-thinking innovators, and academic minds, all united by a common goal: to collaborate on inventive initiatives and concepts aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The primary motivation behind SIC is to pave the way for novel concepts and ideas, such as the development of products and innovative services, spanning from the initial idea generation phase to their actual execution. This is achieved through open innovation and the cultivation of fresh ideas in areas connected to sustainability, climate consciousness, public involvement, and societal issues. The emphasis is particularly placed on generating tangible, meaningful impacts.

SIC’s global platform collaborates with a diverse array of companies, organizations, and like-minded stakeholders who are united by common objectives and principles. Our core purpose is to, in partnership with our allies, cultivate a sustainable planet by implementing sustainability strategies, spearheading project development, advancing research, fostering cross-sector cooperation, and promoting effective leadership.

At SIC, we aspire to see a world where every individual can enjoy a prosperous and dignified existence while respecting the Earth’s natural limits, embracing diversity, and ensuring inclusivity for all. Besides that, Sustainability InnoCenter is a dynamic platform designed to empower young individuals with a wide range of self-development opportunities, all conveniently accessible in one place. These opportunities encompass competitions, scholarships, events, workshops, internships, and job openings. While our current operations are centered in Sweden, our ultimate goal is to leverage digital solutions to connect and mobilize youth on a global scale. Through our platform, we aim to establish a network of organizations seeking motivated and passionate young individuals.

Our mission encompasses the following objectives:

Empowering youth: We are dedicated to unlocking the potential of young people, helping them discover the most suitable personal and professional opportunities both locally and internationally.

Building a network: We seek to establish a cohesive network of youth-focused organizations, serving as a central hub for gathering their projects and events in one accessible location.

Bridging the gap: We are committed to closing the divide between driven young professionals and companies eager to invest in emerging talent. We firmly believe in the power of co-creation and diversity as key drivers of success.

In SIC we believe in the power of co creation and diversity of individuals.

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570 Members registered
72 Ideas generated
14 Awards

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