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What we do

Sustainability InnoCenter (SIC) , is a community platform for professionals, academics and idealists which its members and partners work on various projects of United Nations sustainability agenda

Sustainable development

We’re living in an era of great change. Continued pressure on the environment...

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Open innovation

We believe in a hacker approach to sustainability: just get out there and...

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Project management

Our project management services cover the whole project, from inception to completion. We...

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Our team brings international experience across sectors from energy and transport to agriculture...

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Technical reporting

Technical reports are today a major source of scientific and technical information. They...

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SIC works with full service event management that pairs together our passion for...

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About Sustainability InnoCenter

Sustainability InnoCenter (SIC), is a non-profit organisation based in Uppsala, Sweden that acts as a community platform for young entrepreneurs, professionals, ‘innovative thinkers’ and academics with the aim to work with innovative projects and ideas that are based on the United Nations sustainability agenda. 

The key driver for SIC is to provide new ground to concepts and ideas (e.g product development and service innovations – from ideation to implementation) through open innovation and new idea generation processes on topics related to sustainability, climate awareness, public engagement and social challenges having a special focus on impact.

SIC’s international platform works with a broad network of companies, organisations and other actors which have the same goal and values .

The mission is together with its partners,  to create a sustainable world, through sustainability strategies, project development, research, cross sector collaboration and leadership,. We envision a world in which everyone can lead a prosperous and dignified life within the boundaries of the Earth’s natural resources. 

Some interesting facts

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23 Projects Done
570 Members registered
72 Ideas generated
14 Awards

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