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CleanTech Challenge

CleanTech Challenge (CTC) iFollowing massive success in recent years, the CleanTech Challenge is set to launch again in March 2018. Not long to go now so pull together your teams and get innovating for a more sustainable future! This platform is designed for young innovators to express their ideas and get their voices heard. By bringing to innovators to those who can make these ideas happen, we at Sustainability Innovation Center are helping grow products and services that promote urban development, sustainable innovation, wellbeing and economic growth. This year’s Clean Tech Challenge focusses on sustainable cities. With over 50% of the worlds population now located in urban areas, it is more important than ever before to bring together great minds and ideas. Solving problems from waste and pollution reduction, to social inclusion and creating change when it comes to issues such as climate change. Challenge for Sustainable cities aims to attract realistic practical and academic solutions through a 2-stage competition. Pull together a team of likeminded thinkers and we will provide the guidance, feedback and mentorship from industry professionals & innovation and business experts that will get them noticed! We will assess your projects and if you are selected as one of our finalists, you will have the chance to participate in the European Clean Tech “Boot Camp” finals in London together with the winners of other CleanTech competitions in Europé. There, you will have the opportunity to market and export your ideas internationally and improve on ideas together with Sustainability Innovation Center’s partners. It’s a great opportunity to build your professional network and learn from others interested in sustainability and innovation. .

Open Innovation

We believe in a hacker approach to sustainability: just get out there and hack into it! Sustainability Hackathon is a series of events designed to bring IT innovators together to create and implement new ideas for a more sustainable future. Get excited and build things, use and produce open data and codes, be creative, use computer technology and ideas to change the world and build a better future for us all! .

Green Business Guide

At Sustainability innovation Center, we believe issues of sustainability and social justice are not just challenges for communities and governments to solve but highly relevant for long term profitable businesses and other organizations in Sweden. The mission of the WeGoGreen project is to provide assistance in sustainable practice for these groups through expert guidance and support. The WeGoGreen guide provides a sustainable regional and national platform where organizations can measure and manage their environment and social governance performance responsibly and transparently. The WeGoGreen project actively contributes to the 3E notion on the Environmental, Economical and Efficient sustainable objectives as developed by the UN. .

Digitalisation, tests and measures

"Under the SEC set up, a new sustainability ‘testbed’ has been established. Here new ideas and innovations are collected, tested and measure against the UN criteria for sustainable development. The digitalization of society is one of the most critical issues of our time. Today digital artefacts and online practices penetrate a major portion of our everyday organizational, social and economic activities. The scale and scope of the transformative power in emerging phenomena such as connectivity, platforms, algorithmic power, and big data is more vigorous than other disruptive technologies in history. This leads to great opportunities, but also to great challenges. The technical development together with the growing openness and culture of participation and engagement in value creation fostered by the Internet, has lowered the barriers for citizens to take part in problem solving and innovation to address societal challenges. At the same time the relatively few infrastructure providers and digital platform owners that enable these activities, gain much power, leading to challenges related to transparency, autonomy and governance. The generation of vast amounts of data by devices as well users and their behaviour, creates powerful opportunities for innovative services and products, but also for the tracking of citizens and customers, that raises important issues regarding integrity and safety. There is an urgent need to explore the scope and transformative power of digitalization for the wider society, and its relation to strategy and governance in order to act on opportunities and handle threats. The initiative for the digital society is an effort to mobilize researchers to join forces in order to contribute to a digital society that is inclusive, equal, sustainable, and safe on a global scale as well innovative and competitive.

The team

Jude Mathew Project coordination - Technology

Email: jude@sustainabilityinnocenter.com

Kerri Hempshall Communications Coordinator - Sustainability


Hug Svärd Partner Coordinator - Business Relations


Maria Marketing


About Sustainability InnoCenter

Sustainability InnoCenter (SIC) , is a community platform for professionals, academics and idealists which its members and partners work on various projects of United Nations sustainability agenda. The key driver for SIC is to provide new ground to technical concepts and innovative ideas dedicated to the creation of a more sustainable society. SIC is based in the academic town of Uppsala in Sweden and it's dedicated team works with sustainable development, innovation- and project management. SIC's role is to help organizations, companies and municipalities to improve their sustainability profile

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Skills in:

Sustainable development
Open Innovation
Renewable energy, CleanTech & IT
Project management
Innovation generation

Sustainability & Innovation

The identity

We at SIC strive for honest and open communication with all our partners, members and costumers, building a foundation of prosperous and fruitful relationships. Without such trust and honesty, a good cooperation between the members cannot flourish.

Fostering specialized knowledge, experience and cooperative partnerships we are unique in our clear, specific and pragmatic approach with all those we cooperate with. Reliability, objectivity, and exceptional knowledge are our most valued assets.




OnGoing & planned projects

CleanTech Challenge is a competition for students, academic teams, young entrepreneurs and start ups; the competition is a platform where eco friendly, creative and innovative solutions are formed and evaluated for commercialisation.The project runs every year and lasts 8 months every year approximately. The project is finalised with a big conference showcasing all innovations crowdsourced over the year.

Sustainability Hackathon is an innovation competition where individuals that strive to make a positive change take part in an idea marathon. Driven people with different backgrounds and perspectives gather together and develop concepts that can create innovative communication streams for a more sustainable society. .
The ‘‘CleanTech for Sustainable cities – Innovating a Greener growth” is an event first of its kind in the region that introduces such technologies and brings innovators, academics, environmental & sustainability enthusiasts, public organisations, open minded corporations and sustainable cities together. The conference is planned to take place on 1st of June in Uppsala

About SIC

SIC sustainability view

SIC has a systems thinking approach on Sustainability. Our teams vision is to deeply understand how each part interacts and impacts the other parts, as well as the entire system.

So rather than analyzing or studying just one department of a business when making decisions, the SIC leadersusing systems thinking will focus on the big picture and identify the roles that each part plays in achieving an overall positive result.

Systems thinking promotes the idea that to remedy a problem, we must understand the entirety of the issue at hand, rather than focusing on only one area.

Our aim is to be a responsible in a long-term sustainable society. That is why we work daily to develop our sustainability work with the emphasis on three areas: how we create increased partner value, how we contribute to a sustainable society, and how we take responsibility in all areas of the whole life cycle & value chain.

The Innovation profile

We dare to be different and use our unique perspectives for creating new solutions for our partners. This is the defining component of our innovative thinking. Our close ties to Uppsala University and the Center of Sustainable Development (CEMUS) help us to connect new ideas with those who want them. In many cases fostering breakthrough projects.

As Albert Einstein once said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when creating them” .Open discussions with direct feedback help us create an environment where new ideas can thrive. Ambition and empathy drives us to great heights! .

Economy and people

As dedicated supporters of sustainability the SIC team is financially self-sustained. The economical sustainability of the organization is achieved thanks to our partners, costumers and projects for sustainable solutions. The optimal solution balances both economic and environmental success. Profitability is important in the actuation of our goals and investments however our profit is mainly distributed among employees in reward for their valuable input. Our team consists of qualified, unique and positive characters (with special consideration to a good sense of humor) who are dedicated into sustainability and the environment. Personal development for our team is fundamental to our aims and therefore equality key to our organization

Recent Projects

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