Hack the Pandemic

We possibly live in one of the most critical periods of our lifetime.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted human lives, causing social fear, civil anxiety, economic instability and political confusion. Many people loose their lives and economies are struggling – and we are yet to see the effects of the pandemic on our future lives.At the same time countries fighting against the pandemic, make heavy decisions to control the virus spread – by controlling and discouraging population movement – and even though the first vaccinations are on place there is still a long way to go.

Such actions bring economic stagnation, degradation of mental health, and impact essential social servicesThis global crisis has devastating regional effects, countries are facing recessions as local businesses fail due to social isolation strategies and Individuals are fronting unprecedented strains on their personal lives. These crucial moments people driven innovation needs to play a principal role, not only in a international level but also in a regional level aiming to identify solutions to challenges our society faces.

– Therefore presenting Hack the Pandemic – an online hackathon with the mission to design, test and execute ideas on everyday challenges generated during this pandemic.

Hack the Pandemic is a 3 day cyber event coordinated by Sustainability InnoCenter following a Hackers approach, that has a main goal to identify relevant regional challenges withdrawn by the COVID-19 global crisis – and together with all interested parties and partners, build up teams of multidisciplinary skills and create solutions to these challenges.

In this critical moment, our duty is to work altogether and initiate solutions to one of the biggest crises of our lifetime – and a broad participation of actors, as public organisations, academia, industry and smaller SME’s is vital.

Be part of the solution …our society needs us….!

The first three winning entries, will have a unique opportunity to work on their ideas together with our fantastic partners, and bring their solutions to next stage.

Starting date: Registrations can start already now!

Final date for presentations: 28th of March 2021

Where: Digital so no limits or place restrictions

The Sustainabilty Hackathon event  is organised by Sustainability InnoCenter