Central Baltic Accelerator Program – First Cohort

Exciting news for startups in the Central Baltic region!

The eagerly anticipated Central Baltic Acceleration Program is set to kick off this February, ushering in a 36-month initiative aimed at addressing the challenges faced by new growth companies.

Utilizing the Triple Bottom Line (3BL) methodology, this groundbreaking program seeks to promote economic growth (Profit) while placing specific emphasis on environmental sustainability (Planet) and social responsibility (People). Over the next three years, the accelerator will support a total of 96 startups from Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Finland, accepting applications in three distinct calls with each acceleration program lasting 6 months. The first call opens in February, inviting visionary entrepreneurs to join this transformative journey towards sustainable business success, where profit, planet, and people converge.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of a new wave of businesses making a positive impact on the Central Baltic region and beyond!